Current Contributors

Leanne Elias

Associate Professor of New Media, Faculty of Fine Arts

Leanne's interests lie in finding relationships: either in people, data or ideas. Her background in art and design have led her to projects such as NewMediaIntersections, an exploration of interdisciplinary artistic work, and Ecotone, a collaboration with ranchers, scientists and artists. Currently she is working with the Musagetes Foundation on The Resilient City Project and is a lead researcher in the Disruptive Imaginings Data Visualization Lab at the University of Lethbridge.

Denton Fredrickson

Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Media Art, Art Department, Faculty of Fine Arts

Denton Fredrickson’s work invites experiential and contemplative interactions with sound, objects, and architectural space. The seductive lure of both old and new wonders, fantastic inventions, and absurd theories are familiar territories for Fredrickson. He investigates their histories and representations in popular culture through media archaeology, experimental data visualization, and the practice of making. His recent interest in the intermingling of traditional, material-based processes with electronics and digital fabrication has led him to explore how speculative fiction can become awkwardly nestled within the psychology of the everyday.
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Jamie Larsen, PhD

Research Scientist, Perennial Cereals Biomass Breeding, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Dr. Jamie Larsen is a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada based at the Lethbridge Research Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta. He received his Ph.D. in Plant Agriculture with a focus on wheat breeding from the University of Guelph in 2012. His research focuses on developing perennial wheat, perennial cereal rye, fall rye and winter triticale for grain and livestock producers, with the goal of maximizing the sustainability of cereal production systems.

To initiate the development of perennial cereals, Dr. Larsen's research group is completing wide crosses between perennial grasses and annual cereals (wheat and rye) and advancing breeding lines using traditional plant breeding methods. His lab is also using advanced genomic approaches to work towards understanding the genetics of perennial habit in grass species closely related to wheat and rye. In annual cereals, the breeding goal is to develop fall rye and winter triticale varieties that address grain and biomass market requirements across Canada. Targeted traits include improved sprouting tolerance, reduced ergot susceptibility and improved biomass yield and digestibility, but also those that can facilitate emerging sustainable agriculture production systems like cover cropping and dual cropping.

Rose De Clerck-Floate, PhD

Weed Biocontrol, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Rose De Clerck-Floate is an Insect-plant Ecologist at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Centre. Her expertise is in the applied area of “weed biological control”, which involves usage of imported, carefully screened insects to reduce the impact of invasive alien plants within agricultural and natural ecosystems. Of interest to Rose are the intricate interactions of insects and plants viewed at all scales, from micro to macroscopic, as well as the revelation of weeds as active, destructive organisms within our environments.

Past Contributors

Eli Clements

Student (New Media)

Danin Lawrence

Student (Art Studio)

Michelle Sylvestre

Student (Art Studio)

Robyn Matchett

Student (Art Studio)

Russell McMurtry


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Russell McMurtry is a University of Lethbridge New Media student. Recently intrigued by Data Visualization, he is very interested in using the program Processing to express complex relationships found in various sets of data. He’s interested in allowing people to interact with data on a level that is unobtainable with traditional print material. He strives to understand the complex relationships and interplay between colour and line weight in his visualizations. He is excited to continue to learn and understand the ever-changing landscape of Data Visualization as an expanding industry and art form.

Christine Clark

Artist-In-Residence (2015)

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Christine Clark is a graphic designer from Calgary, Alberta who began working in data visualization in 2014 during her graduate studies at the University of Lethbridge. Through a design/science collaboration, Christine’s graduate project explored user interface and user experience design of information visualizations based on 60 years of climate data for localized regions across Alberta. Considerations of bias, data literacy, narrative, and public interest issues are central to her practice, and she is now primarily focused on web-based data visualization approaches.
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Taelynn Graham


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Taelynn is in her final year of her New Media degree, and has been exposed by Leanne Elias to the world of data visualization, and hasn't looked back. Her visualizations focus around how the user interacts with the visualization, in order to enhance the experience. Interacting with data encourages engagement, creating a personal tie between the user and the data that is not achieved when viewing passively. Focused in the Processing environment, Taelynn's visualizations include space, music, sudoku puzzles, and now agricultural sustainability as a part of this lab.
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Corwin Smith


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Corwin Smith is an artist studying at the University of Lethbridge in the New Media program. He works primarily in 3D, and has experience in a variety of mediums including: film, video games, and most recently data visualization. He has explored how to use 3D design in a virtual space, and has recently began to explore how he can bring his 3D art into the physical realm through a variety of techniques. Corwin is interested in the use of 3D interaction and design, and how data visualization can benefit with the interaction of both physical and digital 3D work.
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Will Austin

Student (Art)

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William Austin is an artist and student at the University of Lethbridge, interested in exploring the intersections/relationships between more traditional—physical or handmade—mediums of artistic production and the digital. His works investigates the effect of digitization of information and culture, and possibilities for responsible assimilation of new technologies. Data visualization is utilized in this practice to open up opportunities to instigate social change/awareness, as well as develop new strategies in compelling visual representation of objective data.

Morgan Bath

Independent Study Student (Art)

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Morgan Bath was born in Calgary Alberta in 1989, moving to Ontario in 2004. Bath attended Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario where she received a Art & Design Fundamentals Certificate and Fine Arts Advanced Diploma, both with honors, after which transferred to University of Lethbridge to obtain her Bachelors of Fine Arts and is an expected graduate of 2015.

Morgan Bath's practice is mainly installation based work in a range of mediums. Heavily influenced by her geographical environments, Bath uses natural materials form her surroundings as well as found man-made objects. Works are made in a ritualistic process consisting of repetition, whether it be repetition of line, gesture or image; resulting in a work with a visible mark of the hand.
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Keith Morgan

Independent Study Student (New Media)

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Keith has an interest in marrying narrative with aesthetics, often by utilizing representations that dissolve scrutiny and instead tend towards spectacle. From his interests in cinematic visual effects and 3D design, to his experiences visualizing data, he strives to include visual intrigue to aid in selling the message of his works. With a concentration on exploiting dimension and appearance, Keith’s work often strives for a heightened sense of realism, or when called for, the breaking of conventions to better reinforce the ideas at hand.

Linda Shi

Independent Study Student (Art)

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Jiaxin Shi was born in Daqing, a city in the northeast region of China in 1990. At the age of 7, she moved to Shenzhen, China with her parents. In 2004, Jiaxin moved to the United States, and she began several years of training in architecture in 2008. Jiaxin attended several institutions, including Iowa State University and California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. In 2011, Jiaxin transferred to University of Lethbridge where she’s currently studying to receive her BFA in Fine Arts.

Jiaxin Shi experiments with a wide range of media in her art making, utilizing both traditional and new techniques. Jiaxin also works with unconventional materials such as zip-ties and discarded cardboard. Her current art practice focuses on creating soft sculptural pieces that convey senses of time and space. Jiaxin’s works occupy an architectural space when installed and invite viewers to a rich tactile and visual experience. These crocheted pieces not only allow Jiaxin to become more familiar with a traditional technique, but also challenge her to bring forth a new narrative on the craft.

Kiri Stolz

Independent Study Student (New Media)

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Kiri Stolz is a graphic designer and creative coding aficionado studying New Media at the University of Lethbridge. Her work aims to bring about a greater understanding of the world around us by combining elegant aesthetics with innovative user-interface design. She believes that the application of new media technologies to complex ideas and data can revolutionize the way people consume information. Her work explores new and unexpected ways to utilize new media technologies in everyday life, and she often combines her digital work with tried and true methods and materials.