Whew – an update!

If you have been reading this blog, you might think we have disappeared because so little has been updated (don’t forget to use the menu on the upper right to change years, though…). The opposite is true however – we have had our busiest time ever! As I write, our documentary film is being finalized, […]

Project Launch

It’s official! Our VISUALIZING AGRICULTURE project has launched, with an exciting roster of scientists and artists coming together for a chilly weekend in September. Dr. Andre Laroche and Dr. Jamie Larsen generously spent the day explaining their research into Wheat Stripe Rust and Perennial Wheat – artists include Adrien Segal (Los Angeles), Tori Foster (Oakland), […]

Summer 2016

posted by Leanne Elias I’ve been on sabbatical this year and have had the pleasure of travelling to meet data artists, and then returning to our own lab and seeing the terrific work that our students and colleague Denton Fredrickson have created. I’m so impressed with what they have done this year, and the video […]

Spring 2016

posted by Rusty McMurtry Hey there. My name is Rusty McMurtry and I’m the Lab’s intern this semester. I’ve been doing independent studies with the Lab over the past couple of semesters as a New Media student. I’ve transitioned to intern for my last semester to finish out my degree and boy-oh-boy do I have […]

Data Physicalization Wiki

posted by Leanne Elias The amazing people at the Aviz.fr research lab have started a physical data viz wiki, and it is going to be enormously valuable to us. We have been using their list of physical data viz extensively ever since we started our lab, and that list was what led Denton and I […]