Data Physicalization Wiki

posted by Leanne Elias The amazing people at the research lab have started a physical data viz wiki, and it is going to be enormously valuable to us. We have been using their list of physical data viz extensively ever since we started our lab, and that list was what led Denton and I […]

Visualizing the Proportion of Galled and Ungalled Stolons Interactively

BY TAELYNN GRAHAM For this visualization, I looked at the relationship between different data points, particularly the proportions of stolons that were actually galled (which is the idea result of the experiment). I originally was working with the number of individual galls that were on each stolon, but realized that without seeing the relation of […]

Crocheting the Relationships Between Galled and Ungalled Stolons

BY TAELYNN GRAHAM This visualization uses the exact same data as my interactive digital visualization. I decided to represent the length of each section with crochet stitches, and they became quite lengthy, which shows how much spreading the Hawkweed plants actually do. I want people to be able to really understand the proportion of stolons […]