Summer 2016

posted by Leanne Elias

I’ve been on sabbatical this year and have had the pleasure of travelling to meet data artists, and then returning to our own lab and seeing the terrific work that our students and colleague Denton Fredrickson have created. I’m so impressed with what they have done this year, and the video (above) that has been produced. Great work, gang.
I’m also thrilled to be announcing plans for a major exhibition of data art! We will be working with the Southern Alberta Art Gallery to develop an exhibition with some truly stellar artists. The SAAG is known for fostering work with contemporary artists who challenge boundaries and we are very pleased that they embraced this idea wholeheartedly. We have recently met with scientists at the Agricultural Research Centre, and while I can’t confirm the data we’ll be working with just yet, I can guarantee it will be aligned with our mandate of working with data that inspires a more positive, sustainable future. Stay tuned for the list of artists that we will be working with – it is such an exciting time in the Lab!