Visualizing the Proportion of Galled and Ungalled Stolons Interactively


For this visualization, I looked at the relationship between different data points, particularly the proportions of stolons that were actually galled (which is the idea result of the experiment). I originally was working with the number of individual galls that were on each stolon, but realized that without seeing the relation of how many stolons were actually galled, the real message would be lost.

There is a lot of data being represented, and I really want people to be able to interact with it in order to create their own stories and get immersed in the data. There are two preset positions to help encourage these explorations.

This visualization calculates both the average number of galled and ungalled stolons per age group in each of the Hawkweed species, as well as the percentage that is actually galled. The lateral stolons really show how little proportion of galled stolons there are, showing that the effect of the gall wasps on the largest amount of growth of the plant was minimal.